Event levels

Following is a broad guideline to understand the difficulty level of the AE Events involving Trekking / Hiking / Camping / Overlanding: 

Family: Involves enjoyable outdoors event that may involve pleasant walk/trek and probably a minor hike but suitable for all members of the family;

Beginner: Involves short trek upto 5kms and/or includes easy hike, ascends and descends at reasonable inclines/angles mostly on marked trails; 

Intermediate: Involves long trek upto 10kms and/or includes moderate hike, ascends and/or descends at steep inclines/angles, suitable for those who have been doing similar events in the past and/or have been regularly involved in workouts.

Advance: Involves long trek more than 10kms and/or includes bouldering, ascends and/or descends at demanding inclines/angles and may include using ropes if the terrain demands, suitable for those who have been regularly doing intermediate events.