disclaimer and term of use

I, ________________,hereby confirm and declare that: 

I have read and understood the documents “Adventure Eagles Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, Cancellation/Refund Policies, FAQs” as placed on the portal of Adventure Eagles Picnic and Camping Organising LLC (the “Adventure Eagles”). I hereby confirm my acceptance to the said documents and agree to take all precautions for my safety and wellbeing during the conduct of the events by the Adventure Eagles, that I, my family, including my children participate in. I also confirm that I shall appraise myself with the future amendments to the said as well as other documents as placed on the portal from time to time. 

I am aware that the Adventure Eagles is a group of outdoor enthusiasts and I confirm that I have joined this amateur group on my own free will and intent. 

I further confirm that I indemnify and hold harmless, Adventure Eagles, its Organisor(s), the event leader(s), and all other participating members of the event that I participate in, against any legal rights, claims, charges, and/or damages that I and/or any member of my family/ legal heirs may have in respect of any loss, injury, disability or death that I, my gear and/or vehicle may sustain as a result of my participation in any trip/event/activity conducted by on behalf of the Adventure Eagles.
The above Declaration and Indemnity are applicable in respect of myself as well as the members of my family (spouse and children only) accompanying me on Adventure Eagles Trips and shall remain in force in respect of all events of the Adventure Eagles.
I / We here confirm our consent and agreement to the above, and it does not require any physical signature from us, since this declaration and indemnity are being submitted online.

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