All our events are posted on this website in “Upcoming Events” section. Please look for an event of your interest and confirm your registration there. 

We have events for all levels of fitness. You may start with our “Family” or “Beginner” level events which are easy if you are starting with outdoor activities. Slowly you may start joining higher level events once you start building your fitness.

You need to have some mandatory basic preparation to join our events. Please refer to the “Gear” section of our website for further details.

There are many attendees who join our events via Carpool. Event organizers may be able to find a carpool for you for a small fuel contribution. Please contact us via Whatsapp or email  and we should be able to work something out for you.

We are a commercially licensed group and we try to keep our charges at a reasonable level to be able to meet our expenses.

Yes, we conduct events throughout the year. During summer we have evening hikes and other outdoor adventures. Keep an eye on our “Upcoming Events” section and you should be able to find an event of your interest.

All our event leads are experienced and are familiar with the area wherein we conduct our events. Most of our event leads are trained in wilderness first Aid with many years of experience in such activities. They exercise due care and caution in conduct of our events. UAE and GCC in general are quite safe and we have never encountered an unpleasant or risky security situation during our activities over past decades.